Össur Proprio Foot: The Next Generation of Prosthetic Technology

Learn How This Intelligent Prosthesis is Revolutionizing Prosthetic Technology…Again!

At MCOP, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer the latest and most advanced smart prosthetics on the market. For many below-knee amputees seeking such devices, we recommend the recently improved Össur Proprio Foot. This highly adaptive microprocessor ankle is perfect for clients seeking an intelligent prosthesis for low- to moderate-impact routines.

Some readers might already be familiar with the Proprio thanks to its previous incarnation. Indeed, the original Proprio was first introduced to the market back in 2006. The Proprio was also the first microprocessor foot on the market, making it a big advancement in the field of prosthetics upon its release.

Of course, due to how innovative the original Proprio Foot was, the rest of the prosthetics industry was sure to catch up eventually. Anticipating this, the folks at Össur spent years creating yet another product that could offer all the electronic and technological conveniences of the original Proprio, only updated for a modern audience.

So, after years of R&D, what we now have is the new-and-improved Össur Proprio Foot!

What’s New with the Updated Össur Proprio Foot?

Firstly, don’t let the name of the new Össur Proprio Foot fool you. While the device does share the same name as the 2006 product, that’s really where the similarities end. In truth, this is an entirely new product, one that improves upon the 2006 Proprio’s microprocessor-powered capabilities tenfold through a series of even more impressive enhancements.
Let’s take a look at some of these dynamic new features now:

  • Thanks to the inclusion of the 3-blade Pro-Flex LP foot blade, amputees can achieve greater range-of-motion than ever before, as well as more dynamic control over the device.
  • State-of-the-art motor-powered ankle motion increases ground clearance and greatly reduces the risk of tripping, all the while enhancing gait quality and reducing the risk of tripping or falling on multiple types of terrain.
  • Reduced toe clearance in the prosthetic’s design also helps to reduce trips and falls, and the Proprio Foot has been shown to increase minimum toe clearance by an impressive 70%!
  • redesigned, intuitive, one-button user interface that streamlines the overall user experience – while also empowering users to control their microprocessor via Össur’s Logic app.
  • Improved sensors quickly respond to the amputee’s gait, while an integrated battery makes it much easier to fit and cosmetically finish.
  • A unique ankle design adapts easily to ramps, resulting in increased symmetry as one ascends or descends inclines.

In addition, various elements of the revamped Proprio have been designed to:

  • Reduce strain on the wearer’s knees, hips, and back.
  • Maintain a symmetrical alignment at all times, even while completing tasks such as changing shoes.
  • Withstand all types of weather thanks to its rugged design and construction.
  • …and much more!

Thanks to this unique combination of features, the Proprio Foot has become particularly popular with our clients who enjoy walking, hiking, golfing, or just for people who have hilly yards or gradient driveways.

The Össur Proprio Foot: The Next Step for the Intelligent Prosthesis Industry

Compared to other microprocessor prosthetic feet, the Össur Proprio Foot has once again offered a major opportunity for below-knee amputees looking for next-level smart prosthetics. It’s also perfectly suited for seniors looking for an easy-to-use yet technologically sophisticated upgrade since the Proprio is very often covered by Medicare.

However, regardless of your exact age, unique needs, or specific insurance provider, our insurance support team would be happy to assist you in learning whether or not you’d be eligible for a Proprio Foot.

Meanwhile, by working with MCOP’s uniquely qualified team, you can find an ideal prosthetic solution for your exact needs – one that comprehensively harnesses the power of modern technology with all the specifications needed to make your prosthetic feel just right.