What You Should Keep in Mind When Buying Your Wheelchair


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It is an active and useful form of flexibility for people who may have to suffer severe restrictions while making different forms of movements. The structure of a wheelchair is not a natural form of function. An individual has different requirements, so there is no standard wheelchair formed that fits everyone.

What you should keep in mind while buying your wheelchair

Many people have difficulties while selecting their form of a wheelchair. Certain questions arise like

1-What is my best option in selecting a wheelchair?

The best option while selecting a wheelchair is it should be always lightweight and high quality. Always remember the lighter the wheelchair the less force is required while starting, stopping or rolling, particularly uphill. If it is lighter it will be easy to lift it into the car. A higher-quality wheelchair will help the one to make adjustments according to their need, especially in rolling resistance.

2-How about a Portable wheelchair?

If one needs to buy make sure it is a portable wheelchair that is loaded into a vehicle and also makes sure that it folds easily.

3-Does it suits me?

Very importantly the wheelchair you tend to buy fits you, suits you well. It matches your lifestyle, different models are available so select as per your choice.

4-Can I have the cheapest?

A wheelchair is a piece of equipment that supports the disabled one so here thinking about that cost-cutting make not be a good idea. Focus cost is important one has fixed a certain price in his mind while buying a wheelchair, but getting the cheapest one is not considered to be cost-effective. Try to buy one which is best for you and will support you till the last.

5-Weight of wheelchair matters?

Comparing the traditional wheelchair lightweight wheelchairs are more comfortable and almost weight half then the traditional one. Even if it cost more, they will last long.

6-What about the wheels?

Generally, there are two types of wheels larger and smaller one, each has its own benefits. Larger wheels are advisable for outdoor activities and smaller one is good for indoor activities. It is appropriate if one has two wheelchairs of indoor and outdoor activities.

7-Any other things top take care of?

Taking care of the tyres, having a solid seat, having a seat belt being attached to the wheelchair, having arm support, back support. Keeping small things in mind like ankle knees are comfortable and have flexible movements.

Now let us discuss the variety of wheelchair available for the wheelchair user

Manual Wheelchair

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These types of wheelchair are especially seen in hospitals where it requires another person to push the wheelchair party. A manual wheelchair is different from the transport wheelchair it requires somebody’s help so they are the cheapest type of wheelchair and one can go for it as an option. Such a wheelchair is also available on a rental basis. So if one needs a wheelchair for a short term basis they can have them on a rent basis.

Power wheelchairs

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These types of wheelchairs have electrical powers and can move on their own without any manual efforts. It also allows the user to navigate it as per their own need using a small stick fix into it. Power wheelchairs are more customized and have a lot of other features if compared with the manual one. They make their user comfortable by giving them the required support automatically. Also, it can be adjusted as per their need like changing the height or postures, etc. They are comparatively more costly but one can hire it on a rental basis.

Flexibility Scooters

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These are also known as mobility scooters and have certain features similar to a power wheelchair. The only difference is that they do not provide the same back and leg support. They are super convenient, comfortable and easy to go around. With these scooters, one can travel more than 15 miles on an average of 6-8 hours a day. The best part is all these can be done with a simple one battery charge. They are available in different wheels like 4-wheelchair,3-wheelchair. With all these features one can imagine the cost, but even here the rental options are available so even one cant affords to buy they can have it on a rental basis.

Additional considerations

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Nowadays you will notice that many people aged 60 plus need wheelchairs due to their excess in pain or other reasons. On an estimation, there are more than 1 million adults who use wheelchairs

As their mobility services. Talking about the disabled one, their guardians or loved ones may not be with them all the time so the best thing is switching for the wheelchair. These help one to be more independent and less reliable on others. While searching for the wheelchair that suits you one should need to decide which type of wheelchair will cope up with their need and help them in the long run.

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It is also important to curb the sizes of the wheelchair, as the width of one doorway matches with the wheelchair size. One also needs to consider the size of their car so that a wheelchair can be easy to fit in. Keep in mind that a wheelchair may require special needs at the airports, railway stations, theaters, eating places which can be dinner table at home or restaurant and other places one frequently visits.