Types of Prosthesis

Life is Full of Surprises and Unknown Happenings, that why We should be prepared for any adversity at any point in time. Well, Adversities don’t come to us after knocking on the door, it just appears. An accident and losing a part of a person’s body is for sure a very hard situation. But to overcome the same we should all know what to do in such problems. To tell you this and Much more about Prosthesis and how to get a normal life we are here. We will list the different types of Prosthesis and How it works, of course, the Cost, so that we can be the Friend in your Difficult times. Let get started.

What is Prosthesis?

The prosthesis is a Medical term that is used to implant or attaches a device that is mechanically made in a Human Body after that part of his/her doesn’t work. So the main work of a Prosthetic device is to make sure that the body functions well even in terms of adversity. Losing a part of the body doesn’t only make it difficult to function, but at some times the Patient loses hope to live and commits suicide. To stop this, technology has put a foot forward to induce machines in a body and to operate it to make sure that the device functions exactly like the Body part.

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What is a Different Kind of Prosthesis?

So Prosthesis can be done in many parts of the Body, but Doctors have decided to divide the process into 3 big terms namely, Upper Body Prosthesis, Lower Body Prosthesis, and Cosmetic Prosthesis.

So let’s dig into the mechanism and how it is done.

  • Upper Body Prosthesis

Arm ProsthesisArm Prosthesis is one of the most important prosthesis. It includes the Proper knowledge and only trained professionals go operating it. For arm Prosthesis, the injury may be in Arm or beside it. But once the device is amputated the patient will be able to use it like his/her own. You may encounter different options for Arm Prosthesis for example there are 3 types of such arms present. There is a cosmetic arm that is flexible and is rubbery. You can use it without having to make many efforts and looks similar to Human Hands. Next is the Cable Controlled Hand which is controlled with the help of a cable and the patient here needs to wear a harness on the Back. This gives support to the Hand and thus solves the issue. Myoelectric Hands are best in this market, which costs a bit more than the other two But here the device is attached to the muscle and tissues so that the Hand can work with the signals of your Brain. Surprising right? Well, that is Technology!

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  • Elbow Prosthesis: Elbow is a Major part of our Hand and it supports our hand from leaning down. So if a patient has lost an Elbow it is very urgent for him/her to amputee a Mechanical One as soon as possible. So there are again 3 choices for the Patient. First Patients can opt for Simple Locking Elbow. This type of Prosthesis is done and then during any activity the Patient can Lock or unlock the same. Next is Cable controlled Elbow. In this Case, the Patient undergoes an operation after which the Elbow is fitted into the Body of the patient which cannot be locked or unlocked. Again Electronic Elbows can work with the Brain Signals.
  • Lower Body Prosthesis:

Foot/Ankle Prosthesis: For this Kind of Prosthesis a lot of surgeries are done on the Patient’s Body. This Technology helps the Patient to say goodbye to his Wheelchair for life. So if a patient undergoes Foot/Ankle Prosthesis remember to choose the correct device to enhance the process. So there are 4 kinds of Devices. First is the Basic No movement device that doesn’t help the patient to do any kind of up-down or circular motion of the Ankle. This has a lot of Disadvantages. Next is the Simple Model that allows one pivot point in the device which enables the patient to do up and down movement of the Leg. But if you are into walking daily and do every work seamlessly then the third one is what you should opt for. This has more than one pivot point and allows the Patient to do small walks along with walking on uneven surfaces. The Fourth and the Most efficient one is made up of Carbon Fiber or fiberglass that helps in walking, running, and gymming.

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  • Knee Prosthesis: Knee replacement and attaching Plate in the Knee is a very common scene these days. But if you want to take the help of Technology and better your life then there are 4 options for this. The Fist is the Simple one where you can just use it as a Device but cannot move it. When you are standing then it has to be locked but while you are sitting then it has to be unlocked for your Comfort. Next is the Lock Management knee, which locks once there is less weight on the knee but unlocks as soon as there is a heavy weight on it enabling the patient to walk properly. The Third one has Hydraulic Pistol in it and helps in a far better movement and the last is the Computer Controlled Knee which works following your muscles and is remotely controlled with your Brain.

Cost of Different Kinds of Prosthesis

The Cost of any Prosthesis is very much. So if a Patient is moving towards doing Prosthesis then he/she should have Good Insurance and money. So let’s see how much does each of these costs in the USA and India.

Serial No. Name of The Prosthesis  Cost in USA  Best Place in USA  Cost in India  Best Place in India
1 Arm Prosthesis $5,000.00 Hospital For Special Surgeries, New York 1.5 Lakh Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi.


2 Elbow Prosthesis $51,970.00 Mayo Clinic n Rochester, Minnesota.


4 Lakh Hosmat Hospital, Bangalore.


3 Ankle/Foot Prosthesis $1000-$10000 Hospital For Special Surgeries, New York 2 Lakh Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai.


4 Knee Prosthesis $57,000.00 Hospital For Special Surgeries, New York Rs 36500/- Hosmat Hospital, Bangalore.

So this was a Brief into the Prosthesis world and how it works. You can consult a doctor before getting into all of these. We wish you all the best for your future and we all want to see all our Specially Abled friends feel Special and Happy.

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