Prosthetic Arm and Prosthetic Hand Specialists

Choosing a prosthetist is one of the more important decisions you will make regarding your prosthetic arm. Our Upper Limb Specialists care for more patients than any other prosthetic provider and we are the industry leader in prosthetic arms, hands and fingers. With nearly 800 patient care centers in the US, our national network of specialists provide local care that allows you to stay closer to home during your rehabilitation and prosthetic training.

When and How To Choose an Upper Limb Prosthetist

We recommend interviewing prosthetists as soon as possible before or after an amputation surgery. Our national experts have learned that people who receive an artificial arm or prosthetic hand shortly after an amputation return to work faster and have a better success rate than those who delay their prosthetic fitting. Toddlers fitted with an upper limb prosthesis within 2 years of birth are much more likely to wear a prosthesis long-term.

Your hospital or doctor may recommend or provide you a list of prosthetic companies, or you might be interested in switching prosthetic companies. To help prepare for your conversation, we suggest this list of questions to ask when interviewing a prosthetist.  Remember that you always have a choice of prosthetic providers and your interviews will help you find the one that works best for you. Many patients choose Hanger Clinic because:

  • Our Upper Limb Specialists provide expert prosthetic care
  • Our national network of trained occupational therapists keeps you close to home while helping you get back to work and achieve your goals sooner
  • We have more experience than any other provider with:
    • Myoelectric arms and hands
    • Body-powered prostheses
    • Activity-specific prostheses
    • Silicone restorative prostheses
    • Partial hand and partial finger prostheses
As the nation’s #1 prosthetic provider, every day brings exciting new developments.  To schedule a free evaluation and learn about your possibilities with artificial arms and prosthetic hands, call us at 1-877-4HANGER option 1. We look forward to working with you!

Myoelectric Arms and Hands

Myoelectric technology restores mobility to people of all ages and from every background. The latest technology has individual finger motors and is more durable than previous versions. As a worldwide leader in myoelectric arms and hands, our team can custom design a system just for you.

Body-Powered Prostheses

A body-powered prosthesis is an excellent choice for people needing heavy-duty  functionality in all environments. Our Upper Limb team leads the industry in body-powered prosthetic devices and we look forward to designing a solution that meets your needs.

Above-Elbow, Shoulder, and Bilateral Prostheses​

Above-elbow, shoulder and bilateral prosthesis users need a highly skilled prosthetist with substantial experience in upper limb prosthetics.  Our National Upper Limb Specialists focus exclusively on complex cases to ensure the best care and training for you.

Partial Hand and Partial Finger Prostheses

New solutions are regularly introduced to improve function for people missing fingers or thumbs. Our Upper Limb team has developed many new devices and we look forward to designing the best solution for you.

Silicone Hands and Fingers

Silicone hands and fingers are designed for those who want the closest replica of a missing hand or finger.