How can children overcome their physical disability

A girl rides a unicycle with an arm prosthesis for children.

How can children overcome their physical disability

In all the corners of the world around 150 million children are considered to live with a disability. And sadly 80% of them live in a developing one .majorly such kids do not receive the required treatment and most often are discriminated against.

Disabled children are entitled to receive the same rights as any other normal child and for securing such rights Convention of the rights of the child (CRC) is formed.additionally they have highlighted that disabled children are supposed to enjoy all rights guaranteed by the Convention.

Stop pitying them, Challenge instead

There is nothing more insulting than being pitied, especially if one has pride and self-respect. People with disabilities don’t want your pity instead they want an equal chance to succeed. This means that one should continually challenge their children to succeed just like some other child; if we purposely “go easy” on the disabled child because you pity him or her, you are doing them a disservice. The world is a tough place and it takes mental toughness to succeed, and the only way mental toughness can be built is by continually overcoming challenges.

A great stage for improvement

The word “handicapped” itself contains disapproval connotation: a handicapped suffers from incapacities, so the temptation to treat them as incompetent is widely felt. But, a disabled child is capable of engaging himself in constructive things and above all, they are capable of progress. Fortunately, now they are getting an opportunity allowing them to overcome their dark dwellings and which would let them enjoy proper living conditions they are worthy of and opportunities that they very well deserve to progress.

Promote movement, live life to the fullest


       Life is not the same for everyone each one has their own struggles especially one who is physically challenged “.Promoting movements and living life to the fullest is all that one need to learn and implement “that’s what prosthetic India targets. Children who wish to wear a prosthetic device can now enjoy a wide variety of activities in day to day life. In order to help your Childs wishes you need a device that have smooth motions during walking or grasping and using fine hand motor skills, picking up speed while walking or running. These devices will help your Childs requirement to a greater extent. We also offer a special selection of prostheses and components for children as well.  Our products are vigorous, flexible and compatible at the same time. By working together, we can find the best products for your child

1K30 SACH prosthetic foot for children

1K30 SACH foot for children

Featuring a natural appearance, the 1K30 SACH foot with shaped toes is designed to meet the needs of children and young prosthesis users.






1S30 SACH prosthetic foot for children

1S30 SACH foot for children

The 1S30 SACH foot guarantees stability for smaller children up to 35 kilograms






1K10 Dynamic foot for children

1K10 Dynamic foot for children

The 1K10 dynamic foot for children offers easy rollover and a good energy return.






3R65 Knee joint for children

3R65 Knee joint for children

The 3R65 prosthetic knee joint is particularly well suited for children and adolescents and the special part is thanks to its low net weight and adaptability.




3R66 Knee joint for children

3R66 Knee joint for children

Prosthetic knee joint with high flexion angle and low net weight supports the child’s urge to move.






Product image of a hydraulically controlled knee joint for children

3R67 Knee joint for children


Simpleness  discovery  of joy are a given for children. Thanks to our hydraulically controlled 3R67 knee joint for children, there’s nothing stopping kids who have had a transfemoral amputation anymore.





Ottobock’s arm prosthesis system for children

Arm prosthesis system for children


The arm prosthesis system for children provides a high level of functionality and good optical adaptation, allowing your child to effortlessly explore their surroundings without any limitless.




Prosthetic gloves for children in all nine colours.

Coloured prosthetic gloves for children

Now a days children seek new ways of expressing themselves so that they can use what makes them special to find their better  place in  social environment