“I Wish I Had This Disability Awareness Training 20 Years Ago!”

Many people tend to show respect and concern towards the people with disability around them. But most of them are not aware of the dozens of disabled persons out there and with what situations they deal with. One simply needs to know about the awareness of such disabilities and how to deal with it. A very inspiring and delightful speaker in the early 20s strips down the major and primary issues in the field of disabilities. Here was David Whalen comes in, he is a man who covers the complex essence and clearly states the steps to properly respond with the disabled persons.

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David has his own seminar and organization where he customizes his presentation in a sensitive way and spread awareness within other organizations.

Solving the riddle of disability

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Just by hearing the word disabled people immediately react thinking he or she can’t walk or talk and takes everything for granted. The famous Teri Garr said those words when she was having an issue to deal with curtains people. She had a disability and so was not able to cope up with normal people.

Disability organizations have the training to help disabled persons not only now but it had been started a quiet time before. Many people wish that this training was available to come in their ages so that they wouldn’t have gone with such problems in dealing with situations.

World record on disability training

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Based on the 2020 worldwide report, more than millions of people are put into an assumption to live their life with a disability. Around 15% of the population of the world are affected by some sort of disability. Comparing it with the previous report this has an estimation of a high percentage.

The growth rate of people with disabilities is increasing day by day causing a higher risk of the national population. Environment, sleeping patterns, mental disorder affects the order of the disability. people who are having such conditions are more likely to have disabled personalities in their old age.

Perception of the situation

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People with disabilities have hardly any needs, all they require is some basic health care and well being for their economic and social welfare. They require certain training to develop their skills and live into communities. It can be done with the mainstreaming services and their programmers. Mainstreaming is such organization which is especially build-up to meet with the training of the disability it is a process which has been started with the help of government many stakeholders have also joined in this mainstreaming organization to ensure that person with disabilities can equally participate with others in social and economic activities. It acts as a commitment at all levels and aspects which need to be identified in all sectors and to build new standards policy and strategies. Executing such plans and strategies is also very important globally.

How are the lives of people with disabilities affected?

Now, there are most of the peoples getting affected by disabilities. here are some of the reasons why the life of the peoples with a disability gets affected.

1-Primarily it is estimated that people with poor health conditions are more likely to experience disability and to prevent such conditions one needs to have good mental and physical condition good oral health and taking all the training aspects seriously.

2-People from the most corner of the world is illiterate many of them have no educational achievement or are illiterate completely. A lack of educational knowledge within these people also result in disability special pieces of training such as mainstreaming are organized for such people in different seminars. People with disabilities are physically challenged and cannot perform the activity thoroughly even if they are employed they are generally paid less so the government has also taken certain measures to fill the gap so that such people don’t feel less economically active.

3-Poverty is another major issue experienced among disabled people. People due to the incapability and less paid wage rate cannot cope up with the household things or if a middle-class family has a member which is physically challenged becomes more issue to feed them. A disabled person needs a guardian, expensive medicines and types of equipment for their need also they have some additional expenses so different governments of respective countries needs to overcome poverty in order to overcome disability.

Service provider and education training

Advocate awareness

Earlier disability training was not so active and popular among most of the people even if there were certain training held and performed they lack to cover-up most of the areas in the field of disabilities but now there are a lot of training sessions are available in every corner of the world. Advocate awareness is a service, provided in many of the communities there are certain advocates who try to influence and make differences, advocacy awareness needs to be widely accepted.

Many organizations have also launched certain books and DVDs which can be purchased or read online.

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In the very beginning, there were very few businesses or organizations taking care of the disabled one but now with the changing year’s technology as well as thinking of the people towards are changing. Now there are plenty of resources available and globally there are more than 700 plus resources added in the process of training. It took around 25 years to set up and monitor resources so that they provide the best and highest quality for their customers. People nowadays mostly prefer online sources, books and certain articles are also available as per their preference