Some reasons why people hate to be on wheelchairs

Users of wheelchairs hear many of undeniable comments throughout their usual life in public. While a few are made innocently enough, it shows the absence of knowledge in the community regarding wheelchair. People hate wheelchairs about the myth or just do not know how much about life in a wheelchair device. Below is the list of ten undeniable reasons people hate wheelchairs!

  1. What happened to you?

Basically, this is a very personal question. But there’re a number of reasons a person is in a wheelchair. Most of the stories are very deeply private and the users of wheelchair do not want to spend each day of their life discussing it repeatedly with anyone. You do not have to ask this irritating question at all. if the users of wheelchair decide they feel very comfortable telling you the reason that resulted with them being a user of this device, they will definitely tell you in their own time.

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  1. I will pray for you

This one has heard more occasion than people would believe. While it’s actually to be kind and thoughtful, it is not always essential. Not every user of a wheelchair are fully sick, have a health issue or on their death bed. Most of the wheelchair users are ideally healthy and a few are professional athletes. As a capable bodied person, you do not have to tell the users of wheelchair that you’ll pray for them. But if you would like to do so, you can do it by heart.


  1. How quickly does that thing go?

There’re several times that people ask this query and think they’re funny. How quickly does the wheelchair go? Some capable bodied people event wishes to race against the pace of the wheelchair. Once again, do not embarrass yourself with this sort of interaction or humor. Users of wheelchair are human just like. They utilized a wheelchair to get around. No one asks you how quick your legs can go. So please refrain from saying this.

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  1. Congratulations for getting out and about

Normally, this is very usual and normally leaves a silently screaming. Wheelchair user not even sure what it means. Am to be congratulated for spending more than housebound long life? Is that the rate of ambition community hold for users of a wheelchair? It is profoundly patronizing to assume that it is an Everest Mountain like challenge to leave the home, though, of course for a few it is massively hard. Even so, we are only getting on with the things that require to be done; you might think wheelchair users are brave, but wheelchair users need to do the food shopping.

  1. Come to my spiritual institution and be cured

This one really can make wheelchair user angry. Several users of the wheelchair will have spent most of the time and effort in getting better, attending some appointments and keeping as fit, healthy as possible. Lots of will are desperately hoping for a medical miracle to help them. Utilizing that as propaganda for your spiritual cause is vile. It also is not that true. Besides, you should not assume that wheelchair users want to be cured of anything. You are straight implying that there is something incorrect with this situation, but there is not. For wheelchair users, this is simply who’s, and they are proud of their identities. Beyond all else, wheelchair users don’t need or want your pity.

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  1. It is great to see you’re so productive

Normal people often have the misunderstanding that the users of the wheelchair cannot do anything. This is farthest from reality. Users of wheelchair live their all lives and accomplish all they set out to do. So if you see users of wheelchair coming home from job and stopping at the grocery shop, same as you are, you do not have to acknowledge that they’re being productive. Verbalizing the saying, it is fine to see you are so-so productive makes it sounds like you’re belittling the users of wheelchair and assuming they cannot do something for themselves, the next time you’re in grocery shop after office, imagine somebody came up to you and said that man how would you feel?

  1. I am so glad I do not have to be in a wheelchair

This naturally goes via the minds of lots of people, but you do not have to say it out loud and you surely do not have to say it straightly to users of a wheelchair. While you might be very grateful that you do not have to endure regular hurdles that wheelchair consumers encounter, you do not have to express it out loud.

  1. Stay Positive

Who said the user of the wheelchair was sad or depressed? They live a life filled with all you do, probably even more. Wheelchair consumer only gets around in life a bit different compared to normal people. Always keep in mind that most of the wheelchair users remain in a wheelchair for the completion of their lives. Most have come to periods with this fact and lead very happy and plus lives.

  1. Is your significant for all other in a wheelchair too?

Assuming this is native and shows the absence of knowledge as well as consideration wheelchairs consumers. This question mechanically proves that you assume that users of wheelchair and normal people are different and shouldn’t interact with each other, let alone marry or date. Perhaps you’d feel differently if you people asked you about your life partner. You most likely would feel amazed and think what is the importance of the query anyway?

  1. You’re too great looking for a wheelchair user

The user of the wheelchair is people just like everybody else. Whether they’re fine looking or not should not be discussed. You would not walk up to a normal body stranger and say you are great looking. This would look awkward and nearly wired. It is the same for users of the wheelchair. Being in a wheelchair doesn’t have something to do with physical looks.


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