10 undeniable reasons, why people hate wheelchairs

10 undeniable reasons, why people hate wheelchairs

Nobodies’ first choice is to use a wheelchair, there is always a reason to use a wheelchair either a person is incapable or physically challenged. Throughout their daily lives, wheelchair users hear plenty of comments, some are innocently said but it always shows a lack of knowledge in surroundings regarding wheelchair users. There are lots of myths going on around the society that the life of wheelchair users is hard and so they show a negative attitude towards wheelchair users. People don’t really stand the fact that things they do towards disabled person make them feel low and start hating their self after hearing specific comments from people.

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  1. Strangers asking what happened to me.

One should understand that questions to be asked to a wheelchair user like simply asking them something personal might hurt them without us knowing. Out of nowhere many people ask them about what happened to you? Seriously is one allowed to ask them such personal questions. No, it is a very personal question and most of the wheelchair users don’t want to repeatedly answer this question and share it with strangers. If the wheelchair user feels comfortable sharing the situations resulted in them using a wheelchair they might end up telling you in their own time.


2-Patting me on my head

Again one needs to keep in mind that wheelchair user is not dying for sympathy or your condolence. Patting them on their head feels like they are good for nothing. One should motivate them and cheer them up so that they don’t feel a week while sitting in that wheelchair. They should know their capabilities that many people had achieved many great things in their life even though been disable. So the right motivation is all that they need.

3-Speaking slowly to one who is a wheelchair user.

People ask many annoying questions which makes the wheelchair user wonder why he needs to sit in this wheelchair. Throughout society, wheelchair users are seen with pity. Moreover that their activities are more dangerous, one of the ways is speaking slowly. Everyone believes that they are physically challenged and they require special care from everyone but not all the time. Gently speaking are good gestures towards them but many times it annoys them so one should keep such things in mind.

4-Accessible bathroom stalls being used by an able-bodied person

It is ok for a person with a disability using restroom which is visible and invisible. Even though there are not any clear laws currently they can use the accessible bathroom.people with physical impairments always have a right for a reachable bathroom and all the other facilities which are available for abled body in all public venues. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to find handicapped stall sitting empty all the time, truant of another disabled person with certain impairments so that they do not have to wait.

5-I’ll pray for you

A very common comment heard by the wheelchair user more than one can imagine. It is believed that originally by saying these words people meant to show their kind and thoughtfulness towards the person. But not all wheelchair users are sick or have a disease or are in a mere condition left to die. Having a look most of the wheelchair user are perfectly fine and go round has a motivation to many. Some are Olympian athletics. even one with an able-bodied can pray for them quietly instead of saying to them.

.6- “I’m so glad I don’t have to be in a wheelchair”

This is a natural thought which runs through everyone’s mind but one needs to understand when to say it. All of us are grateful for not being a wheelchair user but saying them directly is certainly not correct. One doesn’t need to express it out loud for all the daily obstacles that a wheelchair users go through so being thankful in silence is all one needs to do.

7-People thinking you can’t handle big workloads

Working has a wheelchair user in the corporate world is not an easy job. Firstly people don’t hire you because of your physical form, and it’s amazing to know what they assume just by seeing you in that wheelchair. Many working environments have a thought in mind that disabled one cant be left with a hefty workload s, but this shouldn’t be happening and act as a partial behavior. Treating all the member of the firm and staff equally and if the wheelchair user person needs to complete a big task by themselves let them.

8-How fast does that thing go?

People ask this question in a funny way thinking how fast does that wheelchair goes? There are some abled-bodied who even want to race against the speed of the wheelchair. Again don’t embarrass yourself and the wheelchair user which such a question. Even Wheelchair users are human and use a wheelchair to go round if nobody asks abled body how fast their legs can go or run it’s not fair to ask them either.

9-Employer assuming you will take a lot of sick leave

The employer believes that a wheelchair user or a disabled person is not worth hiring because they will take a sick leave eventually. It is because of this point that disabled one cant find job in the first place. For some reason, employers instantly assume that a physically challenged person cannot work on a regular basis and need a lot of medical care. But this cant is true for all the wheelchair users some are strong enough to do their work without taking any leave. So stop assuming and giving them the chance is all they need.

10-You are too good looking for a wheelchair

People need to understand that wheelchair users are people like everyone else whether they are good looking or not should not be discussed. Naturally, we don’t ask an able-bodied person that you are good looking, one might feel wired or awkward so the same goes to the wheelchair user Saying them such things make them feel more stressed so question nothing related to their physical attire.


It is always advisable better to talk to someone who uses a wheelchair to find out how they feel because such questions can make them hate wheelchair. Always remember if you think that what you are about to ask can hurt someone’s feeling or make them hate that things its better not to access with it