11 Reasons Why Being in A Wheelchair Is Actually Overwhelming

11 Reasons Why Being in A Wheelchair Is Actually Overwhelming

I have noticed over the times that several people view being in a wheelchair in a minus light. Clearly, being disabled brings usual challenges, but the final thing I wish is people’s misguided sympathies. At the end of the time, this life is more than we deserve, so with small humour, I am here to set all record straight. Being in a wheelchair is not so bad and after all, and I have compiled a list of 11 reasons that proves just that!

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  1. We never have to worry about driving a vehicle

Lots of wheelchairs users cannot drive a vehicle, so in its place, we have our individual chauffeurs. It is remarkable for too many reasons. For starters, we never have to tension over the rush house travel. People can be ruthless on the way, and the final thing we wish to do is deal with a person and their huge questionable driving skills. Also since we are forever the passenger and never the driver; it is fully acceptable to treat themselves to a cocktail or 2. So always go ahead, attend that amazing happy hour.

  1. Handicapped Parking is forever a Plus

Do not get me wrong, parking lots nowadays could utilize a few more handicapped areas, but at least we have the choice available to us! And no you might not use my handicapped placard!

  1. Alright, this one just applies to entice the ladies reading this, before a wheelchair, shoes can simply be avoided by wearing the perfect outfits

Trust me, I do this whole the time, during those hot sunny and warm times, simply throw on a maxi skirt or outfit that’s just long enough to cover your feet, and nobody will ever know you are fully shoeless in open area. It is actually great and liberating and your other non-disabled family members and friends definitely are jealous. (Side note: the final time I wore something, other than shoes during the fall and winter season was probably backed in 2008 when clogs were the recent trend.)

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  1. Tough… when I do wear anything on my feet, it forever looks brand new!

Shoes or boots will never get dusty, unclean or worn down when confined to a chair since our feet never truly touch the soil. Unless our foot have the main growth spurt, our boots are going to last a lifetime in super excellent condition. So, yes, buying Manolo Blahniks is simply justifiable when we are in a Wheelchair.

  1. We never experience achy feet, tired and Calluses.

No walk, no pressure, no feet landed on soil, mean no any kind of achy feet, tiredness, and calluses.

  1. Little children are mesmerized by such great looking chairs

My full-day is made any time when I see the surprised looks on kid’s faces as I bring and drive my chair all around. They are very curiosity is clearly adorable, and it is remarkable for showing them whole the ins and outs of and as a wheelchair. For instance, my 4 years old cousin just newly discovered I can provide chair rides, and I m quite sure it made me one of the best cousins ever little.

  1. There is always the option of running somebody ever.

Very sure, nine out of ten times cannot help but accidentally run over a follow buddy or family member. Though, there is forever that on other time, that once in an amazing blue moon moment where somebody is practically asking to get run over their disrespectful and rude behaviour. In moments like these, yes we’re deliberately doing it. So do not untidiness with us, because we’ve a 250-350 pound electric wheelchair, and we’ll certainly use it to our benefit (kidding…maybe). Another positive thing for “Why Being in A Wheelchair Is Actually Overwhelming”

  1. No matter where we go, we can forever be sure we’ve a seat thanks to our wheelchairs.

I realize I might be pointing out the clear here, but having a great, comfortable place to sit anytime is pretty remarkable. If I do say so myself, we never have to stress about being in a very crowded place with no chairs, seating or tirelessly waiting in block Friday sale line that wraps around the shop because we’ve our very own seat, chair. Wheelchairs not just provide us a comfortable seat to sit on, but also a bit individual space that each one needs in crowded surroundings! This is one of the best reasons for “Why Being in A Wheelchair Is Actually Overwhelming”.

  1. We’ll never slip and fall on the ice

Just think about the pure and complete embarrassment somebody feels after they’ve fully wiped out. Only thank your wheelchair device later.

  1. We are normally eligible to receive a service dog

I can’t even start to describe how much my dog pet has changed my life. He is been my best buddy since the time we met and, truthfully, the finest thing to have ever happened to me. Plus, these pet dogs are potentially intelligent than a few people we come in a deal with on a regular basis. What could be greater than that?

  1. Every humour aside, we have the chance to meet some amazing personality

Being confined to wheelchair users, we often need to appoint a few additional help and sometimes we find lifespan relationship in these people. Whether, it is homecare nurses, therapist, certified nesting assistant, or individual assistant, unexplainable bonds from that what we may not anticipate to experience. As these bonds reinforce, we start to realize how blessed we are to have the chance to meet these amazing people. And no, an issue where life takes us, they turn into an integral part of our lives always.

Wheelchairs are specially designed to set and manoeuvre, into short spaces making them perfect for use around the house. More solid wheelchairs are also created to be taken outside and can be utilized on hard and difficult terrains like slopes and pavements. A wheelchair can be utilized in conjunction with all other mobility aids or type of transport. Transit wheelchair, for instance, is lightweight and perfect for travelling.

These are some of the reasons of “Why Being in A Wheelchair Is Actually Overwhelming” have more ideas? feel free to share it in the comments section.