Artificial Limb Nagpur

Artificial Limb Nagpur

This article mainly focuses on companies/firms providing artificial limb in nagpur. When a leg, arm or other extremity is lost or imputed, a prosthesis or prosthetic device can play a vital part in rehabilitation. For several people, an artificial limb can enhance mobility and the capability to manage regular activities, as-well-as give the means to stay independent.

Artificial limb Parts and Types

There’s a huge range of artificial limbs that are designed to function, and several reasons look like a natural leg, arm, foot, or hand. Though there’re many different shapes and most have the same parts. These include:

  • The shaft
  • The suspension, which keeps the artificial limbs onto the stump
  • Socket into which the stump of the amputated limb fixes
  • The foot, hand, or hook
  • A covering for cosmetic looks

The socket component is often lined with silicone or foam to protect stump and special socks are also worn over this to make sure an accurate fit and boost comfort.

Leg with Knee: for amputation above the knee area, the prosthesis has both ankle joint and knee. Presently there’re more than 90 prosthetic foot, ankle and knee models. A few use hydraulic and fluid controlled tools that allow users to vary their working speed. Other utilizes computerized parts which let the consumer make the quick real-time adjustment while walking.

Lower leg and foot: a range of prosthetic feet are available to simulate the act of a natural foot after and below the knee amputation. At least one avail foot ankle limb is managed by a microprocessor. It utilized feedback from sensors to adjust movement, making walking a bit more efficient and eliminating the risk of falls.

Hand and Arm: most commonly and oldest used Artificial limb (arm) is managed with the body’s oven motions and harness that extends in figure 8 across the back and below the opposite arm. Others utilize a rechargeable battery to run little motors in the artificial hand or hook. The battery boosts the grip power.

Best artificial limbs companies in Nagpur

P and O Rehab Centre

Established in 2015, P and O Rehab center is one of the best manufacturer of the artificial limb in Nagpur offering a huge range of devices such as artificial limbs, Leg braces, leg splints, finger splints and many more. All the products are created below the association of adroit presented utilizing super class parts jointly with modern tools and machinery. Along with this, the whole assortment is examined thoroughly prior to getting shipped to the locations of our patrons. Along with this, their ability to offer these in an assortment of specs and sized helped us in getting for ourselves as a formidable value in this field domain.

This organization is helped by a panel of deft and diligent workers who’re a few of the most elegant personnel available in the industry. Working in near tandem with any other, their workers have assisted them in understanding all their orders between specific term. Furthermore, entire business operations are taking a position below the management of their guide RAKESH VERMA. His ability and understanding of this field along with his skill to tackle with the diverse demands and requirements of clients have rewarded them a famous place in artificial limbs industry.

Otto Bock Healthcare

OTTOBOCK Healthcare is almost 100 hundred years old German multinational and the worldwide leader in the provision of innovative service and artificial limbs for people with limited mobility. In India, NAGPUR, since 98, Otto Bock combines its worldwide cutting-edge tech with wide local experience to offer artificial limb, supportive devices and mobility solutions which can enhance your value of life.

In India, their national network of worldwide standard Rehabilitation Facilities can offer you with:

  • Sophisticated, Modern artificial limbs (prostheses) for hand and leg amputations
  • Customized wheelchairs, seating and posture management solutions
  • Supportive devices (outhouses, calipers, and braces)

With over 15  years of experience in India and over 5k fully satisfied consumers to vouch for OTTOBOCK service quality, they’re the National professional to restore your mobility. OTTOBOCK look forward to getting to know you and expect that you find resources on the site useful, too and designed it to provider education and detail that’s customized for the people who use our prosthesis, as-well-as for their family and friends.

SAKET Ortho Rehab International Pvt Ltd

SAKET Ortho Rehab is incredibly proud of the progress they’ve made: the company has built synergistic collaboration with well-known Orthopedists, Physiotherapist, and top manufacturers to churn out the finest orthopedic and physiotherapy appliances that are of the extreme quality, while remain being very affordable to entire economic classes of the society.

Now they’re going to focus on enhancing services for each family in each corner of the word, where a member is handicapped or disabled, no expectations. They’re committed to introducing ten new items in each category. Also committed to introducing at least 15-20 new designs of footwear to make sure clients stay fashionable even while using Ortho and Diabetic footwear. To meet all the challenges and worldwide reach they’ve started their E-commerce site to make all their items available online, this allows a worldwide reach by harnessing the strength of internet.

The tireless non-stop work with SAKET Ortho Rehab team to provide artificial limbs and prosthetic solution to service the disabled as well as the handicapped community, with their prime motive and the goal of their motive bringing life back to the normal level.


Established in 2008, VIDARBHA Sales are a prominent company engaged in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of wide range of Artificial limbs as well as medical equipment, Orthopedic items and many – many more. All these items are manufactured by making use of top grade material, procured from the accredited sellers of the markets.

Moreover, the artificial limbs that they offer are precisely designed in range with the defined parameters of the field using modern tech. wide range appreciated for its long service, smooth finish, ergonomic designs, and huge efficiency. Keeping in mind different demands of the clients, they provide this prosthesis in different technical specs at a very economical price.