Artificial Limbs Delhi

In this article, we will discuss the various companies providing Artificial Limbs in Delhi. Before we deep dive into the list first, let’s understand what exactly is an artificial limb.

In simple terms, Artificial Limbs are also known as a prosthesis which is used when someone loses their limbs due to either some accident or diabetes. There are many such cases happening around the world, with India being no exception.

Learn how artificial limbs are made

Some of the top companies that provide a solution to this problem with high-quality products/services are:

  1. Otto Bock Healthcare India P Ltd
  2. P & O International P Ltd
  3. Ideal Artificial Limb Solutions
  4. Endolite India Ltd
  5. Born Life Prosthetics
  6. Mobility Solution
  7. Bhatt Prosthetics & Orthotic
  8. Potential Cure
  9. Ultimate Rehab Solutions
  10. Rayon Rehab
  11. Regenesis Health Care Solutions
  12. Rebuilt Prosthetics & Orthotics
  13. Saxena Orthotics & Prosthetics
  14. Dynamics Prosthetics & Orthotics
  15. Kiwanis Dharmavira Artificial Limbs
  16. Intelligence Artificial Limbs Solutions
  17. Orthoshed

Thus, there are a number of options in Delhi if you are planning to get help with Prosthetics but selecting the right one is always a challenge. We would recommend you to visit each centre and check the amenities they have for the rehab process. Since if they are no up to the mark; chances of getting a accurate prosthesis are tough.

We also recommend you to check the company history and the number of years they are in business. Since local & new vendors won’t be able to provide solutions in par to what the international companies provide.


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