To Provide 250 Free Artificial Limbs to Amputees


An estimated 15,758 out of 1,71,630 (total Kerala) people are disabled in Movement alone in the District of Thrissur, Kerala. Our project will provide free Artificial Limbs and make them able to walk and make them self sufficient for earning their bread & butter. For the last three decades we were able to give around 14000 Artificial Limbs Free of Cost through Government schemes like ADIP. This project will also provide free corrective surgery, physical therapy to all with limb disabilities.

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An amputee faces a lifetime of discrimination and abandonment. Their inability to walk prevails them from employment to be self sufficient, and they land up begging. Tropical Health Foundation of India for the last three decades have been providing free limbs and continues to do so. A large cohort of amputees are from extremely poor families and are not even able to pay for the very nominal cost of the limbs. In view of the very difficult circumstances we humbly request yr help.


Tropical Health Foundation of India (THFI) will be providing around 250 people with a new leg, which will help them go back to their normal life, have a new chance for the adult to go back to work, students to go back to school, play and run and help themselves in their daily activities. The new prostheses will provide them with an opportunity to better adapt to their new and difficult change in their life giving them a new chance for a normal and happy life.

Long-Term Impact

Tropical Health Foundation of India (THFI) provides artificial limbs to around 250 amputees per year for the last couple of years. We are continuing this process this year as well and planning to provide limbs to those who have suffered lower/upper limb amputation allowing them to become independent in their daily life activities. This is important because they will have the opportunity to return to school, college or work, thus improving their living