13 things about wheelchairs you may not have known

13 things about wheelchairs you may not have known

It is always helpful to have some interesting things tucked away to impress buddies and families! Specific information about wheelchairs is a little difficult to find can be equally impressive. We are here for those with disabilities has put together 13 things about wheelchairs you might not have known, and that’ll amaze, astonish and increase your credentials among the amazing general knowledge know-alls.

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  1. Something historical

In the world, first documented proof of wheeled chair has been discovered on an engraving from 525 AD. If you wish to know a little more about the time of the wheelchair, wheelchair information has a fine potted history of the modern and advanced wheelchair, which was believed to have invented for well-known King Philip II of Spain in 1595. The term Paralympics was coined at later Olympics. At

  1. Going for

On the 15th May in 2011, Jackie WEEDEN took thirteen hours and fifty minutes to cover 247.84 Km (154 miles) at FOWLMEAD country park, Deal in Kent. Currently, this the record for the widest distance covered by an electric wheelchair in twenty-four hours.

  1. Marathon Speed

To date, the quickest wheelchair marathon racer is Josh Cassidy, a young twenty-eight year’s old Oakville, Ontario, Canada. In 2012, on an extremely hot day, Josh shots around the Boston Marathon in one hour and eighteen minutes and twenty-five seconds faster than winning time at London Paralympics later those similar years.

  1. Doing Wheelie Well

The planet’s longest wheelchair wheelie record is held by the JUNWU XIE of Republic of China, a 42 years old man who is been paraplegic for more than 2 decades. He went a staggering 16.03 miles before finally allowing the other 2 wheels to touch the soil.

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  1. First international sports

It was not until the Rome Olympics in the 60s that the first international sports or events for disabled persons were organized. The Paralympics term was coined at later on Olympic event. At the first athlete utilized conventional wheelchair and races just went a space of up to 200m. The primary wheelchair marathon contender was seen in the 75 Marathon in Boston.

  1. Solar Power wheelchair

HAIDER TALEB, a forty-seven years old citizen of UAE, a designed a Solar power wheelchair to make a 2 hundred mile trek. His 11-day journey stated on Nov 22nd, 2010 and took him across the entire 7 emirates. The developed wheelchair in participation with MASDAR, A renewable power company, can reach a max rapidity of 9-12 miles per hour and has stocky sufficient batteries to carry on travelling for additional 6 hrs if the sun goes down or behind the clouds.

  1. Rolling across the USA

Over 3100 miles across the United States in ninety-nine days is what Gabriel begins to do in this Wheelchair device in 13. No other person prior to had rolled across the state in a standard wheelchair. Gabriel Cordell has been wheelchair-bound since a horrific vehicle accident in 92. After plummeting to the depths of the drug addiction Gabriel has fought back with his inspiring trip.

  1. The Folding Wheelchair

In 1932, Harry Jennings, built the first ever folding, steel wheelchair. That was the earliest wheelchair same to what’s modern use now. That was built for a paraplegic buddy of him called Herbert Everest. Jointly, the founded Everest and Jennings, a firm of monopolized the wheelchair marketplace for several years. An antitrust suit was in fact brought against both by the Department of Justice, who charged the corporation with rigging wheelchair prices. The case was lastly settled out of court.

So these 8 things about wheelchair mentioned above are some classic facts you might know but the following 5 some interesting things about motorized (electric) wheelchair you also might not know:

For all of those who’re physically challenged, a power (electric) wheelchair is a remarkable way to regain some mobility and a wheelchair lets a disabled person enjoy and even contribute in events and activities with friends, colleagues, and families, which would otherwise be imposable.  It’d be as simple as going with a companion on a long walk or even a climb trails which are accessible.

The wheelchair consumer can also take pleasure in going to parks, lawns and doing some usual activities like grocery and other shopping. Since the electric chair does not need much objective exertion, it’s extremely convenient for the consumer and gives then with remarkable freedom.

  1. History of a motorized wheelchair

George Klein was the inventor of the motorized wheelchair. He got the concept during WW II (World War II) after he saw many veterans who were harshly injured during the war.

  1. Function

The advanced motorized wheelchair has a range of functions that can adjust to the requirements of the wheelchair user. A few of them have tilting seats which help the wheelchair user when standing up. Other variants have the capability to recline and even elevation of the legs and seat.

  1. Seating

There’re 2 kinds of seating for a motorized wheelchair. There’s the sling seat, which seems a lot like the seats of usual wheelchairs and there’s a captain’s chair that looks more like the seats in a car.

  1. Size

There’s almost a limitless selection of motorized wheelchair on the marketplace now, so finding singe to suit your perfect needs is much simpler than you thought because these motorized wheelchairs are also extremely customizable. The folding and compact variants are perfect for those who do lots of travelling. If the consumer is looking for high comfort, there’re larger ones designed especially for comfort.

  1. Control

The huge majority of the wheelchairs utilize a joystick for navigation purpose. Though, if the consumer is not able to use a usual direction control for whatever reason, there are different navigation controls just like the chin controls and the sip scanner or puff control. The electric wheelchair consumer can utilize the scanner, which they drive into the control the moves of the wheelchair. If you require this sort of control, be certain that the model of power wheelchair you’re looking to purchase is capable to use these controls.