Life of a Disabled Person

Life of a Disabled Person

Let’s sneak peek in the Life of a Disabled Person. It was a Beautiful Foggy Morning, Kalpana left her bed, did her daily chores and with a Coffee in her hand saw the Newspaper. The Newspaper Headlines said, “Bengal Girl Arunima Sinha, an Amputee climbed the Mt.Everest”. She was awestruck that a disabled girl could go so far, but she never felt the zest like her. Her friends always mocked her at school, in society because she couldn’t Hear, she was Deaf. She never felt that disability isn’t in the person it is the society and how it thinks it to be.

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What is Disability?

Is it the fact that you are born or by any accident you lose any organ of yours? Is it that or is it the Thinking of the society that becomes a barrier? They feel the latter is true. The sole word Disability is wrong. The word should be moderated to differently-abled. Disability emphasizes the negative parts of the person, it doesn’t encourage him to be brave to understand the basics of life that he has a life that is to be cherished not suicided on. Differently-abled people aren’t less than any other normal person, he can do their daily chores, live life like everybody, and share the piece of happiness like everybody, that is what it is meant to be. Does that mean that Normal People and Disabled people are the same? No, never they have lost an organ of theirs and it could never be very easy peasy for them to do their works, but they have a kind of moral in doing the work, they know how to work differently.

What are orthoses and supports?

Why do disabled people gel well with each other?

Have you ever thought that why do Disabled people have unity amongst themselves? Well, there is a very big reason. The reason is they have faced the loss of an organ, a part of their body and that is everything. They know how it feels like to lose something and once that realization is done, the rest work is done. Normal people often take everything for granted that’s why when they cant buy a dress or even jewelry or any other materialist thing they become depressed. But the truth and reality are once you know what loss feels like then there is no coming back. The Differently abled people have seen loss from a very close angle, so they want to live their life like it’s the best thing that ever happened to them.

Do they have better Senses?

Another very surprising thing is that differently-abled people have excellent senses. Some call it Six Sense, but I feel that it’s the Blessing of god on them. If you have ever noticed a deaf person will listen to your words more than anyone because they are great listeners. They also have great intent on Music and Rhythms. If one person’s leg is amputated you will see her upper body to be very strong, such that he can carry 2-3 people at a time. The different Restaurant brands and Jo places are hiring the Differently abled to make society aware that they are just like us. In my City Kolkata, we have a KFC outlet at NewMarket where all the people serving the food, to taking orders to the bill is done by the Deaf and Dumb. Think about the situation, they cant hear nor can they speak, but they serve the customers brilliantly. I love their way of working and so whenever I crave KFC, I go there for sure.

What is Inspiration Porn?

The New term called Inspiration Porn is well popular in Disabled society. Now you might be thinking that what is it? So to brief you about the word, it is the word that the disabled community uses to describe what society thinks of them. In a recent interview, one of the members of this society went on to say they are used as objects of inspiration to people to make sure they get inspired from the deeds of these persons and feel motivated in life. Inspiration and all are good sides but no one can ever feel the same way, that person felt. In one word you can’t feel the pain unless to get the Loss.

Once I had a conversation with a Sightless person and you won’t actually believe me, the way he described the world without even seeing is mesmerizing. He hasn’t seen the world yet he exactly knows how it looks like. Imagination has a key role to play here. He is imagining things, listening to words, and is painting his picture of the World. We sometimes feel that we are stressed we can’t take our 9 to 5 jobs any more than think of the struggle they are going through.

What is the Role of Technology in Improving the Life of a Disabled Person?

Technology and Prosthesis are making a bigger impact in the world on the Life of a Disabled Person. We as a human being are coming closer to what it is called the Revolution of Technology. We can gift these Differently abled people with some technologies that won’t suppress the loss of these people but definitely make their lives an inch better. The Artificial Intelligence organs and Prosthesis are helping man serve better. Not only that there are Machine Learning and AI technologies coming together to make a device that would help them to sense a particular object or even feel how the texture is. In these cases, the brain’s Neuron nerves make the directions following which the devices work.


Thus from all the points that we discussed on the Life of a Disabled Person, the most important is YOU serving others better. Gandhiji very righty said, “We Must Become the Change we want to see in the World”. If treating humans equally is a part of that change then make sure you help these people succeed in life by doing the smallest thing, Respecting. Don’t treat them like others and start believing that they are a special part of our society and they are capable of doing more than we think. If a person with a disability can overcome all these problems and shine in life so can you. So need to feel bad about yourself, its a new Day, New Challenges, and New Success and Failures are yet to be experienced. So go out in the world be the Change!