Advanced Myoelectric Hand Systems

Daniela Dantcheva puts on sunglasses with her Myoelectric Hand prostheses

Holding and grasping objects

Mechanics of the Speed hands.

Reacting quickly and grasping

Grasping large and small objects, lightweight and heavy, fragile and robust: combined with myoelectrically controlled arm prostheses, the SensorHand Speed and VariPlus Speed artificial hands make it possible for the user to hold objects, grasp and be active. The special feature is that the hands can open for a quick reaction – in real time – similar to a natural hand. This gives you spontaneity and the ability to use our prosthetic hand almost naturally.

Myoelectric prostheses generally respond to the respective muscle signals of the wearer. Up to six control programmes with the VariPlus Speed make it possible to tailor the hand prosthesis to the individual needs of the user – depending on whether the wearer can control one or two muscle signals. The gripping force and gripping speed can also be adjusted.


Securely grasping delicate objects

Grasping objects

Gain freedom of movement in everyday life, at work and in your leisure time. You can grasp and hold various objects, regardless of whether they are light or heavy, small or larger.

Man enjoys leisure time at the lake

Different sizes

The VariPlus Speed Hands are available in three different sizes – for men and women. This integrates them harmoniously into the body image.

Sherri uses the SensorHand Speed combined with the DynamicArm

Flexible in application

No matter whether you require a fitting starting at the shoulder, upper arm or forearm: Your prosthetic hand can be combined with various system components, so that you can use it to best advantage in everyday life.